How to build a post requisition

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Initially I apologize for asking a seemingly extremely basic question. But I’m a beginner and I couldn’t find an answer to my question anywhere.
In my CRM (in this case Bitrix24), I need to insert in a textarea field an instruction (mandatory POST) to call a webhook and pass the information, for example name and phone as shown in this image

I have successfully run my stream with postman as shown in the image below.

Hi @valderes, welcome to the community :tada:

I am not sure I fully understand your question. It looks like you managed to successfully start your n8n workflow. Which problem exactly are you seeing?

Hi @MutedJam. How are you?

Thank you for the welcome and thanks for your attention.

I apologize for not being more understandable.
My flow works fine if I trigger it through postman.

What I don’t know is how to put the complete “instruction” (url+body) in a single command. To put it on a single field at my CRM.

Oh so the problem is with setting up the webhook in your CRM system you mean @valderes? I am afraid I haven’t used Bitrix24 so won’t be able to help with this unfortunately :frowning:

But maybe someone else in the community has? It might also be worth checking with their own support or community how to correctly configure the webhooks sent to 3rd party systems like n8n.

I understand you, @MutedJam. I thought there was a way to build an “instruction/command” that passes URL+Body in the same “information block”, something like a json. You’re right. At the same time, I opened a case with the CRM support team. But… as their level 1+ support is Russian it’s always a problem. Indians, Russians and Brazilians are not exactly known as a reference in support (I’m Brazilian).
The case is opened more then 4 days :frowning:

Thanks again for your attention.

Is the webhook working in principle? E.g. did you manage to send data from Bitrix24 to the n8n webhook URL? If so, how does the data look in n8n and is it just malformed or is something missing?

Yes, the webhook is working, the data arrives correctly when I use the Postman tool as shown in image 2 above. But when the bitrix should fire the webhook, no data arrives. Not even anything is recorded in the workflow history.

My flow.

Solved. My workflow was correct.
The problem was sonthing at the Bitrix side. :man_shrugging: