How to change the Json of another node?

Hi Im trying to change the value of a json for another node. I couldn’t get it done. The output shows that the ‘SE’ contains ‘Sweden’ now.

How can I change SE to Sweden?


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In the “Name” parameter you would set the fixed value “”.

Thank you, but that is from another node. Shouldnt we need to specify the node as well?

This one creates another variable. I dont want to do this as there might be other countries and it will be more difficult in this way. Can I just modify the Woocommerce trigger Json?

No, data of other bodes can not be modified. Your can only modify what data gets passed on from the curent one and that theoretically also be all you will need. Why does that not work for you and you have to change the data of another node?


use basic replace function

{{($“SE”, “Sweden”).replace(“”, “”)}}

second replace for example .replace(“from”, “to”)

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