How to combine two text variables?

what’s wrong here?

“path”:“{{$node[“klient konf”].json[“fields”][“Dropbox folder Uri”] + $node[“IF”].json[“fields”][“Nazwa zdjęcia”]}}”

Gets such a message:

ERROR: UNKNOWN ERROR - check the detailed error for more information
Error in call to API function “sharing/list_shared_links”: request body: path: The root folder is unsupported.

The code below, however, works. Why is one version working and the other not working.

“path”: “/SZ Asdf/Tas-Aas/{{$node[“IF”].json[“fields”][“Nazwa zdjęcia”]}}”

@Jon Hey, do you know the solution?

Have you tried using a set node to concantenate the two strings before using them in your JSON?

This may be useful as well Escape brackets

Unfortunately, it didn’t do anything. Value retrieved from airtable ($ node [“client conf”]. Json [“fields”] [“Dropbox folder Uri”]) not to connect to the value of another variable. The only option to connect it is to use the set module and insert the value manually and then I can combine the two values in the http module. If I try to combine the value from airtable with the second variable in the set module, I will get the same error.

In the expression builder, what RESULT does this return…?

I have found DropBox to be very fiddly with paths (though I have little experience using it in n8n - I used it before in integromat).

PS : I’m an n8n noob trying to lend a hand - my solutions / suggestions may not end up being useful. Feel free to ignore me. lol