How to configure IF Node using response (code 200 or 404) from HTTPS request

I am using a service that automate the sending of Whatsapp messages. Before sending a message, I need to verify if a given phone number is already registered with the service.

This service has an API endpoint that will return code status 200 with the subscriber ID if the phone number is already subscribed, and code status 404 with no information (" {}") if the phone has not been subscribed yet.

Depending on this response, I need to create the subcriber or send the message.

Question: how do I configure the IF node based on the response from the API endpoint?

Hi @fxholl, you’d need to enable the full response on the previous HTTP Request node and configure it to ignore error response codes (in order to prevent it from stopping when encountering a 404 status):


You’ll then be able to check your response in an IF node like any other value.

Here’s a quick example (tested with [email protected]):

Hope this helps!

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