How to configure newly installed n8n (done via npx install) to show up in subdomain or folder in root domain?

Hi everyone,

I managed to install n8n via npm npx command via SSH terminal (putty) using this self-hosted installation guide.

The output message in the SSH terminal after npm npx install shows that n8n was installed and showed that the n8n is accessible in localhost:5678

However, we would like this n8n app be displayed on the subdomain i.e. or folder within the root, i.e.

Is this possible?

Thank you

Hey @duplexmartin,

It should be a case of setting the same environment variables that would be set for Docker as we use the same config no matter what install method is used.

In theory just setting WEBHOOK_URL to or should handle it then it is just a case of making sure your reverse proxy or gateway is correctly forwarding the data.