How to copy account datas to another account (workflow, datas)


I have worked without the user management feature, but now I need to use different members accounts for each projects. Each project’ll use one member and the owner account.
Is there another way than manually copy/past to the member account and delete the owner workflow/credentials?

I read this in the user-management documentation:

But I didn’t find how to do. Can you help me.

I may be in an outdated version, since which version is it release?

I’ll be unavailable for the next 4 weeks but thank you for any of you answers and help !

Hi @gabrielg, are you using management now? If so n8n should give you these options when deleting a user through the Users page:


From taking a quick look this question was introduced with the first version of user management.

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Sorry it took me so long to respond, and thank you for your reply.
I didn’t think of it that way.

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Hi @gabrielg, good point, we should probably make it clearer in the documentation when these options are available. I’ll make sure to pass it on!