How to create a flow where i send link of the csv file and create a new google sheet out of that?

Hi All,

I want to create a flow where I can send Link of the CSV file via webhook and create a google sheet (or copy yo google drive) out of it.

I tried many different scenarios but it didnt work out. Let me know if anyone has any reference

Hey @BhaskarDabhi,

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It should be fairly straight forward and would in theory just involve the webhook node then a google drive node to upload the binary data.

Can you share what you have tried and what the outcome was?

@Jon Do I need to pull the file and get the binary and then upload it right or there is option to upload via url directly?

Also There is JSON to Binary convert but when I use it. It doesn’t provide me any output.

Hey @BhaskarDabhi,

We only provide a webhook so you can post the file to that using whatever supports posting data.

You shouldn’t need the json to binary node unless you are reading the file.


You will need to work with the binary reading node, as CSV is a binary file, then you will use a loop node to iterate the CSV lines and another node to connect to Google Sheet, choose the spreadsheet and add each line read inside loop. Basically, this is the path I would take.

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