How to create a google sheet with data at a specific address in a drive?


Here is my case. I’ve got data i want to put in a new google sheet in a specific folder in a google drive and i can’t figure how to do that. :confused:

The google sheet node can create a spreadsheet with a sheet inside but first, i don’t see how to add a specific address (i can’t add parents like in the google drive node) and second, i’ve got no data in the sheet.

What are my errors?

It seems that it’s currently not posible to do that. Should not be difficult to add though. Just added it to my todo list.

Got added. We will let you know when it is released.

In the Google Drive node, you need to use the operation file:update and set the Parent ID parameter with the ID of the folder where you want to move the spreadsheet.

OK. Cool. Thank you. I look forward to try this in n8n cloud.

What about my second question : why is there no data in my sheet?

Got released with [email protected]