How to create a loop with RSS Node

My workflow is like:

Mysql Query(has 3 rows) → IF(filter some data) → RSS(I want exec 3 times but only 1 time) → Function(Handle Data) → HTTP Request

  1. I use [SET] node to create a global var, but failed
  2. From docs, I know the will do the auto loop but RSS NOT. Mysql query result is 3 rows, The if exec 3 times, bug RSS only 1 time.

How to create this loop: one mysql row exec 1 time, 3 rows exec 3 times

Hi @lc4t, based on your description I understand you already have three items after your IF node and want the RSS Read node to run once for each individual item.

Unlike most other nodes, the RSS Read node would require the Split In Batches node to loop through multiple feeds. You can find an example of how to read feeds from different source here in our documentation.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you run into any problems here.