How to create steps based tracking using n8n

Hello, I’m new to n8n
I have a particular use case I’ll try to explain it in details
I have a steps based application creation flow in my website which comprises of 4 steps
I need to call an API in each step , I need to track the user journey if a particular user completes step 1,2 and stops and 3 i need to see this in my workflow in a single execution

So for this My current approach is to create 4 webhooks for each step and after each webhook i will call the concerned api with appropriate request from the request body of the hook and return back the response the concerned hook and then later waiting for the next hook to trigger

In this the problem is
When i hit the first hook it hits the concerned API and returns back the response to the hook and puts the execution in wait , now when i hit the 2nd webhook from the step2 it now starts a new execution
,leaving out the first execution in pending only , I see that i need to use the Execution Id of the first Execution

Now my requirement is that i should see the user journey in one execution clearly

Can someone provide me solution for this

You don’t need to do so. Better to split the workflow into 4 different workflows. Each of them should have its own webhook node and do only their part of the job. To see the “whole user journey” you simply need to return the link to the proper execution on each workflow/step. It can be achieved with the Edit Fields node:

I don’t exactly understand how returning of the execution from edit field is going to help me track the user journey , if I separate steps into individual workflow I’m going to get a new execution every time and also cannot keep the track of the previous steps execution my only concern is that I need to see entire user journey as a single transaction

The output of Edit Fields will be in the Webhook response, so you can grab all the executions from one journey and see what was happened on each step for each user.

I don’t know what the journey is and how it should look, but according to the first workflow, it won’t work. Every step (or call for the webhook) will be treated as a new execution. That’s how it works, you can’t pause the execution and wait when the user will go to the next step.

Thanks , got the solution when passing the Execution url with edit fields and passed it to respond webhook

Here is adjusted workflow