How to deal with "Accept Cookies" button?

Dearest Community members,

I would like to ask you for your help with HTTP Request / HTTP Extract for the following website:

When I open it on PC, there is a Accept Cookies button. Once accepted I can complete a search. But I am unable to do the same using n8n. I do have some other similar requests running and it is working fine, but even after many attempts specifying header parameters, I did not succeed with this website.
The only explanation I could come up with is my lack of experience/understanding how cookies / header parameters work…

Your help and guidance how to go about this website is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the community @karolko

Do the other websites where it is working have the same Accept Cookie Button?

Dear RicardoE105,

no, the other ones I use have no Accept cookie button.

How are you sending the cookie?

I have been trying setting some header parameters but I am not sure if I knew what I was doing or what I was supposed to be doing. And when I executed the request, I am getting “ERR_INVALID_HTTP_TOKEN”

I am setting the name of the Parameter as “Cookie” and as “Value” I copied some stuff from Developer console of my browser (Firefox).

Update: I tried again and I just set the Name of the parameter as “Cookie” and “Value” as whatever the value is in the GET request I have made via the PC and all seems working now.

Although the solution above is working, its a rather incomplete solution, as the Cookie must have expired next day and I am back to square 1. Anybody knows how to go about this?

Hey @karolko!

Maybe a node like the Phantombuster node can be helpful.

Thanks a lot for this suggestion. I will have a look. But until now I was trying to avoid 3-rd party dependencies.