How to delete row_number column from Google Sheets reading

Hello! I’m trying to read my Google Sheets table to insert/update my MySQL.
The problem is that I can’t use automap columns because Google Sheets node export “row_number” column, and I don’t have it in MySQL table, so there’s a error there.

How can I not import that column from Google Sheets or delete before updating MySQL?

Hi @Igor_do_palido_ponto, welcome to the community :tada:

There’s two options here:

  1. To define a specific data structure in n8n you could use the Set node. Here’s a quick example workflow getting rid of a row_number field from Google Sheets by simply re-defining the fields to keep:
  1. To just delete a field you’d have to use the Code node, allowing you to use the JS delete operator. Here’s an example:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you!! it worked

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