How to enrich a list of nested items with another node

I have really tried to make this by myself but after a few hours decided to ask for help here.

I am trying to download a Notion database with a field of a list of relations to another table and I need to iterate over these lists for each item and call Notion to get the tag of each relation_id and put it back to the original list of items.

If anyone can simply give a sense of what nodes I would need to make it work, I would really appreciate it!

Hi @victoriano, welcome to the community :wave:

Have you tried the Merge node? This can merge data coming from two inputs. So if you have one node returning multiple items and a second node returning data for each individual item, you can join the data together with a Merge node like so:

Example Workflow

You can copy and paste the JSON above right into your n8n canvas. This specific example doesn’t use Notion because I don’t have a suitable structure ready in my notion account. The principle should, however, work regardless of which nodes exactly you have in use :slight_smile:

Hope this gives you a pointer! Give me a shout if something isn’t quite working when trying this on your end.