How to ensure that just one request is beeing made in an selected interval, like 5 seconds, to a webhook?

Hi everyone.

We’ve been using Airtable formulas to create a webhook button personalized for each record.
For the past month, we noticed that sometimes the HTTP request is being made more the one time in an interval of 1 second.

I’m trying to figure out the issue with Airtable, but I was thinking if I can, ENSURE that just one request is being made in a timeframe like 2/5 seconds?
I was thinking about the possibility that n8n would ignore or fail multiple requests in this specific workflow.

Below are some logs.
Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 09.45.14
Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 09.48.15
Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 09.48.20

Hi @suardim :wave:

If you’re using the Airtable node, you could try using the Split in Batches node to split your data into batches of 1, and then use the Wait node to integrate a 5 second wait. Then, n8n would only send one request every five seconds, like you’re looking for :slight_smile:

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Ah wait - are you sending data from n8n or to n8n?

What I’ve mentioned will work for data sent from n8n, but if you’re sending data over to n8n that won’t help :see_no_evil: You’d need something like Convoy or Hookdeck in front of n8n to do this.

I haven’t personally used either of these tools so I’m not fully sure exactly what they can do or how to implement this, but it looks like Hookdeck pretty much covers the use-case of setting a maximum throughput for each connection, as mentioned here.

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Hi @EmeraldHerald thank you.

I’m sending data to n8n using airtable links created using a formula field button.
Talking to airtable they provided another solution being using scripts, to send a post request.
That seems to be sending just one request every time.

However, the first option would be more reliable for me because, it opens a new browser tab and it shows the result of the request made, being an error or a PDF for example.

Are there any free solutions that I can try to implement?

@suardim convoy and hookdeck both have a free tier (and I believe convoy can be hosted for free), but I’m really not aware of many of these services and haven’t used them, so I’m afraid I’m not the best to ask :see_no_evil:

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