How to follow another path (else statement) on reaching wait node time limit?


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Let’s say I have a workflow that contains a Wait node with a time limit, but if it reaches the time limit, instead of ending the workflow, it would send a “do not forget” email to an address, and restart the wait period once more.
How could I do that, since the wait node does not have another flow possibility other than the regular one, that would lead to the normal workflow?

If that helps, I’m currently using the latest n8n self hosted version with default settings.

Hey @Carrico,

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If I understand what you are trying to do correctly something like the example below might work. This will wait for 5 seconds then check to see if this is the first run if it is we send the reminder then go back to the wait, On the second attempt on the if node we go down the true branch to complete the rest of the workflow. This could be tricker if the user needs to complete an action but this would be the basic structure and should help.

Let me know how you get on or if I have missed something.

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