How to free up space in VPS when disk is full

Hey @zocket,

Bad Gateway might mean it is has not all started up yet. Have you checked the docker logs?

Getting this @Jon


Hey @zocket,

Is it just looping those lines? It looks like the disk is still full, From what I remember the Vacuum option can take a bit of time but it does need a bit of space to run.

Yes @Jon yeah, it’s just looping with those lines.

How much space is available?


Approximately 2.9 GB

I wonder if it just needs a bit more to finish the vacuum, Did you do a docker system prune?

No, I didn’t do that. I just cleared previous inactive images and system logs

Hey @zocket,

It could be trying a prune as it can sometimes free up a bit more space. Did you back up your workflows at all?

nope I didn’t backup

That is going to make it a bit more painful if you can’t free up more space, The quickest way to get back up and running would have been to move the old database to a temporary path then n8n would create a new one and all would be good.

You could try to manually delete execution data if you have a sqlite client installed.

Do you have an option with your VPS to add more disk space?

I think there is an option to upgrade to more space, lemme check

But if I upgrade (more space), will it now work or it will need some additional configs again to work?

I believe it will work but it is not ideal, If it was me I would try and manually delete the execution data. Maybe download the database file first so you have a copy of it.

any easy way of deleting the all executions in the db that you could suggest kindly?

In a SQLite client something like…

delete from execution_entity where startedAt <= date('now','-30 day')

You could test it by first doing a…

select count(*) from execution_entity where startedAt <= date('now','-30 day')
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thanks, I’ll give it a try

Hi @Jon, I was able to download the database and delete the executions.

Should I now delete the DB in the server and re-upload the new one that has the execution deleted?

or how do I go about it? Thanks

Hey @zocket,

Stop the container, move the current database file just so you still have it for now. Upload the modified one and make sure the permissions match if all is good start up the container.

If everything is working and looks good you can then delete the old database file. I would also then look at the templates and find the backup to GitHub workflow (maybe 4 or 5 down on the list) and use that to backup your workflows to a private github repo so you have a copy if needed in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

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Worked :smiley: @Jon and @jan . Thanks for the effort in helping me out. I really learned alot using DB and Docker this time :grinning:

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It is nice to hear you are up and running :slight_smile: