How to get a token for a long lifetime fb page?

Thank you very much. I’m going to check it out with myself.

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"I have just done a bit of troubleshooting for you, If you use the Facebook Graph Explorer and tell it you want to get the data for / 100075258373881 / accounts do you see the same response and a warning? I have tried using my ID and I get this… " Should I do this first part for the user token? As I understand correctly, I should put in something like “/ 100075258373881 / accounts” and check if a message pops up like in the picture, but unfortunately it did not pop up. I checked if I have this “pages_show_list” item selected and checked.

I have created tokens several times (more than a few). So I created a new test page to check if facebook blocks the first one. when creating a Long live page access token for the other side, it displayed something like this: (# 100) Tried accessing nonexisting field (accounts) on node type (Page) "