How to get an empty array after IF and MERGE?

I use Merge and If nodes to get Notion items according to their status like done. I need to use this data, even if there’s 0 items (i will output this 0 further)

But I found out that if there’s no items for Merge or If output, then there is no data flow, even the empty array []

What should I do in this situation?

Here the data flow interrupts after there’s 0 items with the “postponed” status. I would send this information “0 items found” later in Paragraph JSON node:

Hey @artildo,

In the settings for the node most of them contain an “always output data” option. Give that a bash on the merge and see if it does what you want.

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Thank you, @jon

Yes, this works. It gives another problem - the output array has thes the length of 1 (I need it 0). So a specific rule is needed to catch the [{}] case. I came up with this:

let total_items;

if (items.length === 1 && JSON.stringify(items[0]) === "{\"json\":{}}") {
    total_items = 0;
else {
    total_items = items.length;

return [
  {json: {total: total_items}
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That is the downside you are forced to work with the output provided and put in checks to make sure it is what you are after.

Sounds like you have a solution though which is always good.

Yes, works like charm:

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