How to get execution id of workflow immediately when we are calling webhook

Hi N8N team,

Please help us to get resolve following issue, quick response will be helpful

We are trying to trigger a workflow using a webhook from some remote machine.

Currently, in response of webbook we are getting a string called “workflow started”, but instead we need the unique ID of the workflow execution, In response of webhook request.

Welcome to the community @yasin.tahasildar!

You can either configure the Webhook-Node to return the data:

  • of the last node and return the execution-ID with the last node or
  • via that Respond to Webhook-Node and return it via that node

You can access the current execution ID via $ Meaning it could, for example, be an expression like:

{{ $ }}

I hope that is helpful!

Thank you for responding, the solution worked

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Thanks, glad to hear. Have fun!

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