How to get response from a specific node

Hi everybody !

I have a workflow divided into 3 parts that are not connected to each other.
The first part create a folder in Drive and 2 Gsheet in this folder.
In the second part, I would like that the first node grad one of the Gsheet ID of the last action from the first part and I don’t understand how to do that :disappointed:
Thanks by advance for your help !

HI @Laurent_H, welcome to the community :tada:

You can reference data from previous n8n nodes through expressions. Below is an example workflow with 3 nodes, where the first node returns multiple items and the last node reads the last item of the first node again.

In my last node, I am using an expression of {{ $('Fetch example data').last() }} to read the name value of last item of the “Fetch example data” node. A full list of available expressions can be found here.

Hope this helps!

Hi @MutedJam
Thank you so much for your reply and sorry if my question was not specific enough.
As you can see in the the following picture, I would like to get the Gsheet ID in the Drive node (in red) and recopy it with an expression in the Gsheet node.
I’m not sure that we can do that !

Hi @Laurent_H, are these two parts connected somehow in your workflow? If so, you should be able to read data from your Google Drive node using an expression such as {{ $('Création Doc de travail') }}. Are you getting any errors here?

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