How to get the executionId of Execute Workflow node which trigger by Start Node in runtime

This is a workflow called workflowB, If I create a workflow called workflowA,and workflowA has a Execute Workflow node , workflowB, when I execute workflowA, the workflowB’s executionId returns UNKOWN.How Can I get the executionId of workflowB. Without executionId of workflowB, I can’t get the resumeWebHookUrl of workflowB

Hi @vanessa, I just spoke to a colleague about this and it would unfortunately not be possible to utilize the wait node from your subworkflow B in the parent workflow A.

Could you share a bit more details about your use case? Like why would you need the execution ID from workflow B in workflow A?

In this Case, Maybe I should use webhook node as trigger in workflow B , so that I can get the resume url of workflow B

Yes, this would technically work and the new Respond to Webhook node also gives you more control on when to send your response.

So your workflow A uses an HTTP Request node while workflow B uses a Webhook Trigger node.



The $resumeWebhookUrl comes through to workflow A in this case (in this example I’ve named the field callback):

Thanks. Your reply helps me a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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