How to get token for payload in forget password api?

Hi N8N Team,
For integrating n8n in our product , forget password API in n8n is having reset token in the payload. how to access that
For example
Forget password API:
URL: http://localhost:5678/rest/change-password
payload = {
“password”: “[email protected]”,
“token”: “f8cb0921-9e6b-426b-9016-751e9e”,
“userId”: “2926de26-bfed-41e3-bdfd-5f828fb”
Here in the payload, I can able to get the password from frontend, and userId by hitting the get user api(http://localhost:5678/rest/users). I can find the token under resetPassword column under user table once the forget password invitation is sent to the corresponding mail id, as we are using Django as backend and the corresponding table is not in . so can’t able to query the table and get the token data. So is there any way to get this token to pass through the payload?
Thanks and Regards,

Hi @praveen, these endpoints are used by the undocumented and unsupported API used by the UI and I highly recommend you don’t rely on these. They can (and have) changed without notice in the past.

That said, if you can’t read data directly from your database due to limitations in a 3rd party application, you could simply build an n8n workflow that fetches data from your database upon receiving a webhook request (as long as you don’t use an SQLite database).