How to handle queues for webhooks turned off?

We’re transitioning from heavily using Integromat. In Integromat, when an automation starts with a webhook module, and the automation was not turned on, any data sent to the webhook would sit “in the queue” and would process when the automation was turned on, or could be processed manually by running one time. Is there a feature like this available in n8n?

This can be really valuable, for example, if you need to stop an automation in order to fix it, but don’t want to lose all the events that may be sent to the webhook.


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Hi Gabe, I am afraid this isn’t currently a feature n8n offers I am afraid.

So you would need to use an external queue for this (have one workflow receive the webhooks and send them to the queue, and another workflow processing the queue).

For now I’ve converted your question into a feature request so you and other users can vote on having such a feature in n8n.

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This is a great idea! You’ll have my vote once I have one to spare


Thanks for the reply, this would be awesome to have as a feature some day!