How to import .mp3

Hello, thank you in advance for your feedback.

I am stuck on a use-case, two possibilities:

  1. import a .mp3 from an airtable url and then transform this mp3 url file into a json to continue my workflow

  2. import an .mp3 on n8n

Welcome @David1 :slight_smile:

Assuming that there is simply a URL in Airtable, use the “HTTP Request” with “Response Formate”: file and then move binary to base64

For 2. I am not sure what you mean by import. You can read files from disc with “Read Binary File”-Node.

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First of all, thank you for your quick answer. I will detail the process a bit more because I am unfortunately stuck.

I would like to put the .mp3 file here :

But with this process I don’t have the desired input i have only the url or json

Welcome to the community @David1!

So you’d like to have the actual binary data of the MP3 file inside n8n rather than the link to it? If so, the process suggested by @BillAlex would be the way to go and you’d have a base64 representation of your data.

Maybe you can share your workflow with us and confirm where exactly you’re having problems? Your screenshot suggests you’re trying to send data to some API, perhaps you can link its documentation too?

Thank you for your very clear answer for my part. What I want to do is to integrate a file, in this case, a .mp4 or .mp3 is that this file is the “message” of my api. The api in question allows to upload files:
Your file in WAV, MP3 or M4A format (6 mo maximum) with a duration between 15 and 55 seconds

And then this call api gives an ID that will have to be placed in the voice message in the call api to allow to leave a voice message to my database