How to iterate a certain number with Split in Batches?


I’m trying to iterate Split in Batches 460 times with code node. But how can I do this?


Create a new array and a for loop that loops 460 times within that loop you push an item into the array and then return the array after the loop.

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Thank you! I did but it says like this:

Hi @onurbolaca

Please have a look at the n8n courses and documentation. I think you are missing some basic knowledge on the n8n items and data structure.

you need to push {json:{index:i}} if you want to also add the index you can also disregard the index if you just want empty items.


Hey @BramKn ,

I always search forum and docs forehand but it is not easy to follow all the tools’ features or updates that we use as developers.

Thanks for your understanding and for your help!


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