How to make secure access to the .JSON file?

How to make secure access to the .JSON file on our server, when accessing through the HTTP Request node (Request Method:
Now the JSON file is available to all requesting URLs without restrictions.

Sorry do not understand at all. What JSON file? If you request it via the HTTP Request-Node it sounds like it is on an external server and securing it would have to happen on that server and is so unrelated to n8n.

That’s right. File on an external server.
I am asking for a general recommendation on how to use n8n to best protect your connection through an HTTP Request-Node.

There is nothing on the n8n side that can be done about that. n8n connects depending on how the server on which the file lies is set up. The server decides if it uses SSL or not and it decides if the file can be accessed by anybody or only by people with a password.
So if you want to change that, you have to change the configuration of the server on which the JSON file is hosted.

Thanks for the answer, I will continue to understand).

Sure, if you have another question or need some clarification, simply get back to me.