How to map data from different nodes without expression but with fixed fields in the Split Out Items node

I would like to use the “Split Out Items” node, but I want to use data from a previous node that is sitting earlier in the line of nodes. Expressions are not working in the Split-Out-Items field, so I learned how to use the “fixed” way: this works, if the node is just following the node I want to get the data from:


This only works with the Input from the node just before. Now I want to use the input from some nodes before: “LexOffice Kontakt abrufen”.

I tried to use this for the fixed field:

$node[“LexOffice Kontakt abrufen”].json[“company”][“contactPerson”]

Then I get this error message:

ERROR: Couldn’t find the field ‘$node[“LexOffice Kontakt abrufen”].json[“company”][“contactPerson”]’ in the input data.

How can I map to data in a fixed field from a node back some steps?

Hi @sascha.foerster,
sorry to hear that you are having problems with our split out node. Inside our Item Lists Node to split out items you cannot use an expression to reference node data for Field To Split Out. This will only accept a json path like company.contactPerson.

Here are two options you can try out.

  1. Connect the node LexOffice Kontakt abrufen directly to Item Lists Node to split out items and use a Merge Node later in you workflow to Merge by Index with another branch of data.
  2. Use a Set Node in front of Items Lists Node to set contactPerson using your expression $node[“LexOffice Kontakt abrufen”].json[“company”][“contactPerson”] as it’s value.
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