How to output Json in the flow?

I’m new here and I really don’t know anything,please kindly help. Need to output a json in the flow and is there a way to send it to another flow in the server? Thanks!

Welcome to the community @Adel!

Sorry do not understand what exactly you want to do. But maybe the Execute Workflow node is what you are looking for. It allows to execute another workflow and it simply sends all the data which gets send into the node to the workflow that does get called. You can find a simple example here:

Thanks Jan!
Yeah I was trying that. Used set→execute workflow then get the data with another workflow by execute command.Really sorry I can’t explain it better. What I know is need to pass different parameters(json) into different workflows(read the received json here).Trying to use the move binary file and the read binary file but the sub-flow can’t receive anything.

It sends the data in the workflow but you will not see it in the live editor-ui. It simply executes the workflow on the server in production mode and for that reason will you not see it in the browser.

Here some information what a good setup is right now: