How to rename binaries when unpacking

Hi guys, The Compression node by default applies a prefix to the names of the uncompressed files, in this scenario I have a .zip file with some folders and xmls inside it, when unpacking the xmls are available for download, but the name of the xml has the prefix that is mandatory in the Compression node, I need the uncompressed files to keep their original names.

See the example below:

This way the first xml is saved as the name file_0 because of the prefix, I need to save it as the name that is in the File Name property.
Example: 1870566835_35230806330305000185650030000809621587155876-procNFe.xml

Hey @leomangueira,

The output prefix is just for the item not the filename itself, I suspect what you need to do is split up the binary items then use that in your write binary data node. The workflow below is based on the example here: Split Out Binary Data | n8n workflow template which was created for another forum post.


it worked, thank you very much Jon


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