How to run the entire workflow before processing the other inputs?

I have a list of inputs that I’m using for making requests to my API. The inputs are processed by a Split array into objects node, and are then sent to my API. The API output is then posted to my database.

The issue I’m facing

All the inputs are processed and sent to my API before it’s output going to my database.

I want to know how can I make a workflow that will send input1 to my API and save the value of input1 API output to my database, then send input2 to API and save input2 API output to my database. How can I achieve this order?
It’s quite an issue since I have around 2.5 million inputs that need to be processed, and I don’t know how can make an input go through the entire workflow and then processing the other, and the other.

P.S: Don’t hesitate to ask questions or if more details are needed.


Hi @Loan_J

I think you are looking for the split in batches node?

I am not 100% sure I am fully understanding what you have planned. But sounds like that additionally also looking at the Merge-Node set to Mode “Wait” or “Pass-through” could help.

Basically, I need to throttle the HTTP request so that another input isn’t processed until the node saving to my database has finished it’s work.

Hi @Loan_J

What about the options for Batch interval and Batch Size in the HTTP node?
Set the batch to 1 and interval to some amount that makes sure the database has enough time to process?