How to set up Zettle in US with API key on Webhooks or HTTPS request?

Hey guys,

I try to implement N8N on Zettle payment in US, and it shows me the API keys only. I cannot find any docs about how to use API key on Paypal for Zettle.

I only have a client ID and API key. Any suggestion how to make it work with webhooks or https request?

Thanks in advance

Hey @semighoti, could you elaborate a bit on what you’re trying to do?

Zettle does have it’s own API which seems to be very different from the PayPal one. With n8n not having a Zettle integration you’d most likely need to use the HTTP Request node to manually make API requests.

Hi @MutedJam, Zettle’s API here is not for US market according to the Github, so I am not sure if API works or not.

My question is how to set up N8n with only Client ID and API key to request info from Zettle. I have tried to set up HTTPS request with the API provided, but the setting require many things (like Authorization URL), and I dont know where to get those requirements.

One more question. Is it possible to set up Webhooks by using the API provided?

Thanks for the answer @MutedJam

List of possible request