How to start from scratch

I have no idea about programmation and I don’t know to where start. Can I install n8n in mac or in ubuntu or I need to have a hosting web?

Welcome to the community @Joseph!

If you actually scroll down on the landing page you should see the commands on how to start n8n. Apart from that can you also check out our documentation. There you can find the Quickstart-Guide which explains how n8n can get started easily locally:
and also how to set it up for production use on a webserver:

Hope that helps!

Hey @Joseph!

As @jan mentioned, you can get started with n8n by following the Quickstart guide. If you are trying out n8n for the first time, I would suggest you to try it out with npx. Make sure that you have node.js installed on your machine.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have, or if you’re stuck somewhere. :slightly_smiling_face: