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How can I track emails sent by n8n knowing that I use HubSpot?

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Hi @Marie_Gainche, welcome to the community!

Are you sending your message through n8n’s native email nodes (such as Send Email or Gmail) using your existing email provider? In this case it won’t be easily possible to track user actions as n8n does not inject tracking pixels or tracked links.

Perhaps you want to use SMTP credentials from Hubspot instead? Using these would require you to first request SMTP credentials using their API from the looks of it. The below request should do the job:

Make sure to store your SMTP username and password in a safe place as you will need it to use the Send Email node afterwards.

Once you have configured your Send Email node with the credentials obtained using the example workflow above, you should have access to the tracking features provided by Hubspot for transactional emails (though I could not test this first hand as Hubspot does not grant developer accounts access tothis functionality).

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Hi, @MutedJam,

merci beaucoup pour la réponse! Nous alllons chercher un autre moyen pour le faire car ça nous semble un peu compliqué à notre. niveau.

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