How to trigger when a form is submited on Hubspot?

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Is there a way to trigger a n8n Workflow when a form is submitted on Hubspot ?
So far i did not find an easy way to do it,

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Hi @dubarseo

Yes, trigger a data submission webhook when the form is completed, that makes it trigger your workflow in n8n.

You have the documentation at:


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Thank you for the answear :slight_smile: I know this and i should have precised :
To have access to webhooks in Hubspot you have to paid for an Operation subscription. I dont have this subscription, so i cant use webhooks

Hi @dubarseo,
sadly neither the Hubspot Trigger node or Hubspot node support fetching form submissions.

Looking at hubspots most recent developer docs I cannot see an api endpoint to fetch form submissions anymore → Marketing API | Forms

The legacy docs using API V1 do allow fetching form submissions. Have you tried out using the HTTP Request node to fetch form submissions?

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Yes I tried, got a 404, v1 seems deprecated :cry:
At least this one.
I’ve also tried an developpers app on Hubspot side, cant access form info neither,

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