How to troubleshoot cron module

Hi! My cron module, planned to do the execution every Thursday, didn’t execute the code today (despite it’s Thursday) - no trace of it at the execution log, the instance was 99% up & running and last Thursday it worked well.

I have one workflow for all of the reminders and I have two cron modules that pushes things to the chat and today I realized that it didn’t happen.

How do I troubleshoot that?

For that functionality we use the npm cron module. So if it does not work, it would probably be a bug in it. That said, there is apparently an issue is the latest version of that packages so we did downgrade the version in the latest n8n (0.144.0). You can try that version and see if that fixes the problem.

You can find more information about the bug here.

Got it, thank you!
And how do I troubleshoot that kind of issues, shall they re-occur and it won’t be a known bug?