How to update a cell

Hello mates, I’m using zapier and make for research as a student. I’m new here with

n8n and got a question. Workflow snap shot is attached.

How can i update a cell (Last node), Which is searched in lookup node which is 2nd node.

I have a setup in Google Sheet with column named as “Status” that have A search key word “Ready”. So with node 2 i get a top most row that contains word “ready” and after that 2 HTTP request node execute the tasks. after that i want to change the “Status” column value “Ready” with another word " Success" in the same row that has been returned.

How can i do this as i tried some ways but couldn’t find a way. May be some one from this community might help!


Could I see an example of your spreadsheet?

The process I use for updating cells is to use a key to find your row, then use the set node to pass in the values you actually want. If you post an example google sheet I can show you how.

Here is the sheet example…

DONE or Success will be replacing the word Ready