How to update blocks on Slack

Although unrelated this should give more context: Trying to post blocks to slack

We can send messages to Slack that contain interactive blocks. So far so good.
However, how can we update those blocks?

I’m sending a message with a button, when a user clicks on that button, it triggers a webhook in my n8n instance. I can then use the slack node to update that message, however there’s no field to update the block section. Is that possible? I just want to add a list of users who pressed on the previous button, to the block’s text.

Hi @Couto, at the moment that’s not an option available in the Slack node I am afraid as it does not support blocks on the message:update operation. So you might want to raise this as a feature request.

As a workaround you could delete the old message through the Slack node and post a new one with the desired new block.