How to upgrade n8n with docker-compose setup?

Hello dear @jan
I install n8n on my ubuntu server by docker compose.

Can you tell me how can I upgrade to newer version?

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Sure. There are multiple ways. You can either add the version number of the specific version you want to update to in the docker-compose.yml file like this:

    image: n8nio/n8n:0.47.0

and then restart (how to restart bellow)

or you can pull the latest docker-image yourself with:

docker pull n8nio/n8n

and then after that is done, you restart.

How to restart:

# Stop current setup
sudo docker-compose stop
# Delete it (will only delete the docker-containers, data is stored separately)
sudo docker-compose rm 
# Then start it again
sudo docker-compose up -d

@jan - regarding upgrades are there any additional steps ever needed for versions?

I wasn’t able to find documentation regarding changes between versions.

Yes there are. They can be found here:

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Ah of course. Thanks!

Sadly not that obvious and easy to find. Sorry!

Added to my To-Do-List to improve.