How to upload a file from one Google Drive dir to another?

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Hey, so my goal is to trigger the workflow when a new document is being uploaded to a directory. This document will be processed with a custom node on our application and we will get as a response which doc type this document was. After this, it will check in which directory in Google Drive it should be uploaded like Invoice, Order Confirmation, and so on… but now comes the big boy question. How do I get the pdf from the second node and uploaded it at the end of the workflow? I’ve created a function that gets the file but the response is not the file. I would appreciate your help!


Hi @Daniel_Lopez,
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I created a sample workflow using Write Binary File / Read Binary File to save the file to a tmp folder and load it again later to upload to google dive.

Hey @marcus,

Thanks a lot for your help! Now it works how it should :partying_face: