How to upload video on another channel that I manage?

Hello guys!!! I wan’t to upload a video on a channel that i manage but that i don’t own. Does anyone know how to do it with the nodes or with http request using Youtube Data v3 API?
I’ve seen the documentation of the API but there are things that I don’t understand so I’m asking for help now.

Hi @Harena_RAMANANA, welcome to the community :tada:

From taking a quick look at the YouTube node it doesn’t seem to have an option that would let you specify the channel to upload a video to. The respective endpoint seems to have an onBehalfOfContentOwnerChannel parameter through which this can be achieved, so you probably can get this done. I have not used this though, so don’t have a ready-to-run workflow to share I am afraid.

Let’s see if someone else has managed to upload a video without the actual YouTube node :crossed_fingers:

Thank you a lot. I’ve already tried this. I solved the problem by connecting with the owner of the channel’s account.

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