How to use HTML extract with more than one HTTP request link

Hi, i have a workflow that get information from an rss feed, each time the node runs, i get the http request to get the page info and thumbnail, then send it to my discord, the problem is when i get more than one new value coming to the http request, the output get mixed together, then the html extract can’t get the other values, only one of them, and i don’t get all the output i need, is there a way to set a loop or make each input get trought at a time?

My Wokflow;

Hi @Pedro_Buffon, welcome to the community!

I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble. It seems your workflow uses two non-standard nodes so I am not fully sure what exactly it does.

Based on your description it sounds like you’re having a problem getting the HTML Extract node to do what you want it do to. So let’s focus on that one for now. Perhaps you can share the data your HTTP Request node is sending and confirm which values exactly you’d like to extract using the HTML Extract node?

Ok, i think i can explain better, the two non-standard nodes don’t affect the problem, when the input of the HTTP Request node is more than 1 URL, lets say i have 3 URL that i have to pass one time each, the HTTP request gets the 3 URL at the same time and the string value of the output is 3 HTML mixed in one, i tried using the split in batch but didn’t work

If you’re simply looking to extract multiple possible values from an HTML document you could use the Item Lists node to split out the array returned by the HTML Extract node. For example like so:

If you’d like to use data from previous nodes following the HTML Extract & Item Lists node you could consider adding a Set node with an expression like {{ $('Previous node name').item.json.propertyName }}. This would let you retrieve data otherwise overwritten by these nodes at a later stage in your workflow.

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