How to use "telegram-mtproto" in n8n?

I want to read the group and private messages of my own user account in Telegram without bot. As far as I can see, it is possible to read messages through bots in telegram nodes in n8n. But I want to do this with my own account. I did not see an option for this in nodes.

The link below explains how to do this with nodejs. I wonder how can I use telegram-mtproto on n8n?

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You will need to create your custom image that adds that dependency. Once you have the dependency, you can use it on a function node or create a custom node that uses that library.

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To add to what Ricardo suggested, you can also install the npm package on your server, add it to your container volume, make it accessible to n8n by setting the NODE_FUNCTION_ALLOW_EXTERNAL variable, and then use it in the Function node.

Please note that with this approach you might have to also add the dependencies of the npm library.