How to Wait Until Another Workflow Done?

Given a situation of data engineering:

Table A & B & C are collected daily at 1:00 AM, Table D & E & F are consumers that are planned to start at 2:00 AM and MUST wait A & B & C were prepared as expected.

The question is how to configure a workflow B that B has to wait the latest A’s execution’s status being completed successfully.

Please help me on this problem!

Hi @icexxxxxx

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Don’t know if this will work for you but you can start workflows from a workflow with the “execute workflow” node. This way you do not have to schedule the second set, but can simply start them at the end of the first set.


Hi @BramKn,

Much appreciate for the reply!!

It indeed is a solution if the frequency of workflow B is same as A. What if B has to be triggered more often ?..

Another popular solution would be maintaining the status of the operations in some datastore (Airtable/Nocodb etc.) and then monitoring that status to execute the subsequent workflows.

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Yeah, I think at least I could do like this.

It would be perfect if a workflow node could represent another workflow’s latest execution and be used in flow control. I’m new here, if this could be extended with n8n API, please give me some hint, I would like to have a try. :kissing_heart:

Hi @shrey-42 ,

BTW, it seems like no way to get an execution of a workflow by n8n instance in a workflow, right?

HI @icexxxxxx

You can grab the executions of 1 workflow, it should be sorted DESC so it should show you when the workflow has ran last and also the status.

Okay I get it. I could use a HTTP node to fetch an execution. Thx!

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