How "Woocommerce Trigger" works with a Webhook?

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I have started a workflow with the WooCommerce and order.created trigger. If I put “actived”, “save” and go to my wordpress store to create a order it is just sitting there and not going anywere and don’t start a execution. But if i open my wordpress dashboard in /wp-admin so the workflow start the execution… Sometimes its work like charm and another time it need this action (open the dashboard to workflow start the execution). its make my crazy because i dont know what is happening.
Any hints how to go about that?

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 0.195.5
  • Running n8n via: Docker - DigitalOcean

woo 01

A prod (Enable) and a dev (disable) webhook:

Hello @erickamoedo,

To a Workflow start with the WooCommerce Trigger node, you need to create an API key in the advanced settings of WooCommerce (API Rest), and with both values (user and secret), you will be able to configure in n8n the WooCommerce API credential for the WooCommerce Trigger node.

If you want to use Webhooks, then instead of the WooCommerce Trigger node, you should start the workflow with the Webhook Trigger node, copy the webhook URL that the node provides you (test for testing, production when the workflow is active) and include it in the Webhooks section of WooCommerce as attached in your screenshots. For the Webhook start in n8n with the information sent from WooCommerce, you must configure it as POST.

You can start with the test url, and when you have checked that the workflow executes well all the changes, activate it by changing the test url to the production url in the WooCommerce settings beforehand.


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Hi all,
I’m testing the Woocommerce Trigger with order.created but it does not trigger with consistency when I create an order.
Can you please advice me how to make it 100% consistent and reliable ?

API Rest was set and working
n8n version is 0.218.0
Server on Hetzner VCPU: 2 and RAM: 2GB

Thank you !

Hi @william,

Welcome to the community :cake:

It might be worth making a new thread for this one so we can find out more about your setup from the template.

Thanks Jon, ok will do !


I had this same problem with digital ocean 5$ cloud but when i resized the cloud for 20$-40$ the triggers worked like a charm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi @erickamoedo, thanks for your feedback.
Did you try intermediate server sizing before concluding 20$ was required to function well ?