HTTP Module with Hubspot - Won't Work Longer than 30 Minutes

I created a custom Hubspot APP (which is required for certain hubspot APIs). I then put in an HTTP module in n8n and created an oAuth2 connection to hubspot.

It works for about 30 minutes, at which point it gives a 400 error due to token not having been refreshed. If you go to the http module and edit the connection and click reconnect, it will work again, but only for another 30 minutes.

Anyone know the solution, or just in general what is the secret to getting n8n to refresh token on http module?

Sadly Hubspot is within the three nodes that will not refresh with the HTTP but only with the node (out of nodes). Sadly Hubspot needs a couple of extra parameters that currently can be provided only from within a node and not from the HTTP node. We will address this at some point. I would request a feature request to add the missing resources/operations you need.