HTTP Node Query Parameter encoding "spaces"?


Not sure if I’m doing something incorrectly, but when I add multiple words in the Value field, the HTTP Node does not encode the spaces and results in an invalid Url error.

For example:
this works as expected…
Query Parameters
Name: Bridge
Value: test

this does not. it returns an invalid Url and I can see in the Url produced it keeps the space and does not encode it.
For example:
this fails with an invalid Url message…
Query Parameters
Name: Bridge
Value: test post

If I manually add “%20” like below, it works as expected.
this works as expected…
Query Parameters
Name: Bridge
Value: test%20post

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? The value is coming from a webhook node so not sure how to encode the “spaces” manually.



I just tested doing a GET request via a HTTP Request Node sending data via the query-parameters with spaces.

Did send them to:


Both times it did display the URLs with %20 and the actual value with spaces. So all seems to work corectly.

Here the output from

The node did look like this:

Anyway, if you really have to encode it manually for some reason you can use the encodeURI function. So if your current expression looks like this:

{{ $json["name"] }}

you would change it to:

{{ encodeURI($json["name"]) }}

Thanks! Totally my bad. I was sending a url as a value in body (that needed to be encoded) of the HTTP Post. Just another of my many brain fades…