Http node to run as trigger


I have a flow build that has http which is pulling data from Get request, when I try to make flow live it says the first node should be a trigger node, is there a way I could make it run whenever it receives new data on Get request?

Thank you so much for your help!

You need to either run the workflow using the cron node and check if there is new data (also, called polling) or use a webhook node to notify that can trigger the workflow every time there is new data in the service you are trying to monitor. So, the approach is going to depend on the functionality the API you are using offers.

Thanks so much, @RicardoE105 for giving some input definitely a good start, the service from which I’m pulling data they do not have webhooks so there is no way I can new data on the HTTP node, they simply provide Get API’s to pull data I have made all the records to desc order so that I could get the latest one on the top from the result of the call and only pass the top(latest) record to next node.

The problem is I can’t set it up to only pass the new record to the next node if I set up the cron or interval node.


You need to keep the state of the records of already processed, so you can filter those out. You can do that with a function node and the workflow static data.