HTTP node with POST method ignores "Follow redirects" disabled

Hi at n8n,

I can’t make the HTTP node with POST method to ignore HTTP redirects. If the node follows the redirects, I’m not able to get auth cookie from the 302 response header. I’ve tried to set “Follow redirects” to “disabled” with no success. I’ve also tried to set “Max redirects” to “0” - same result. The HTTP node always follows the redirect.

To verify this behavior I’ve set up mitmproxy with a script that alters the response from the server from 302 to 200 so I can capture the cookie. But this is cumbersome.

Running on n8n 0.220.0 via Docker.


Hi @brady, welcome to the community and sorry for the trouble!

I was able to reproduce this problem and shall add this to our bug tracker. We’ll update this thread once a fixed version is available.

Thank you very much @MutedJam! I will verify the workflow as soon as you publish the fix and I’ll let you know. Have a nice day!

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