HTTP Post to API: Document get's created but data (works in postman)

I’m building a workflow to generate pdfs with data pulled from Airtable.
To generate the PDFs we use

I can build the request with Postman or Insomnia.

When I build the request in n8n via the HTTP node, it also renders a the pdf template but without content:

Here is the data I’m sending:

         "name":"Coca Cola",
            "name":"product 1",

Is there anything I’m doing wrong in the Body Parameters?

What’s a good way to debug this?


Okay, I posted the request to and see the issue:
my data json is converted to string with escaped " and \n.

How can I avoid n8n doing that?

@chris can you share the expression in the data parameter?

Okay, I got it to work now following Extracting Data from Nested JSON

I’ve used the “Function Node”

Then wrote this expression:

And it creates now the content properly:

I hope I get how this works now :slight_smile:

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