HTTP Request and large binaries

Hi! How does n8n handle large binaries downloaded with the HTTP Request node? Are they kept in memory? Stored to a .tmp file? Is there a limit to how big files it can/should handle?

n8n always keeps all data in memory. So it is currently not optimized at all to handle very large files in any way. To do that, n8n would have to be changed a lot.
Have sadly no number for the limit. It would probably mainly depend on the machine and how much RAM it has available.

There was a similar discussion on GitHub a while ago which is maybe interesting:

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Guess I’ll just have to get some RAM then :blush: Trying to make a workflow that involves downloading large videos (potentially several gigabytes) and uploading elsewhere.


Just chop it up into 64k chunks! What could go wrong? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:wink: even then it would only work if he then would additionally process them separately.